Packing Styles Due to the diversity of our products and different requirements of different markets,our products are packed in different ways to cope with the handling system in every customer's production line or warehouse. 
For seaworthy transportation, our products are always packed in a PE bag and then packed in a heavy duty carton. 50 cartons are then packed into a palletized carton crate. This is also our
standard packing style for forklift handling.

For more convenient bulk handling, we can also pack 300-500 kgs of balls into a vinyl bag and then 4 bags are packed into the same carton crate.







Drum packing

Carton packing

Vinyl bag packing

Another bulk packing style is the metal drum packing. We have two different metal drums. Large drums are of 50 gallons(200 liters) capacity and smaller drums are of 25 gallons(100 liters). Large drums contain 900 kilos of steel balls while small drum contains 450 kgs of steel balls.


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