Ceramic Balls  NSM ceramic balls promise higher density, finer grain size, superior roundness,more uniformed size distribution and longer service life. We specialize in miniature Yttrium stabilized zirconia balls for nano grade powder grinding applications.

Many high-end industries such as electronics, biochemistry, coating, paint, ink, food, etc. demand more miniature grinding media to process their raw materials down to a finer size which have never been possible in the past years. Now, with our miniature ceramic balls, grinding efficiency has reached a new level for these industries.
In recent years, nanotechnology and green power are the most popular fields in innovation field. grinding media are also playing a major role in this revolution. Our ceramic beads has come just in time produce nano grade of all types of minerals, chemical powders, paints and inks, where steel media fell short.
On the other hand, when solar cell industries and fuel cell industries are developing faster than ever in history, our ceramic media are also indispensable for certain production processes. Our ceramic media include 3 major areas---Zirconia silicate balls, Yttria Stabilized zirconia balls and Ceria Stabilized zirconia balls.
Product Material Size

Alumina balls

Al2O3  70% ~ 99%

0.5 mm V 25 mm

Yttria stablized zirconia balls

ZrO2 94.5% / Y2O5.1%  

0.1 mm V 25 mm

Ceria stabilized zirconia balls

ZrO2 78-80% / CeO22-20%

 0.4 mm V 3.2 mm

Zirconia silicate balls

ZrO2 60-65% / SiO30%  

0.4 mm V 3.2 mm




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