Plating Media In serving electronics industries, we have developed miniature balls for various applications. The steel balls we supply are mainly carbon steel balls. However, stainless steel balls are often used. As electronic components tends to get smaller, our plating media also come in very tiny sizes like 0.2mm ~ 0.3mm.

In the case of carbon steel balls, they are usually plated in copper, nickel or tin as they are widely used in the plating process of electronic components. These plated steel balls also serve as spacers or precision positioning for conductive glass and miniature circuit boards.
According to different plating process, we also provide different grades of quality to expand the functional variety of plating steel balls. For customers who would like to do the plating in their own facilities, we also provide steel balls with proper surface conditioned for direct plating applications.
 Plating steel balls

Ball grade




Low carbon steel

High carbon steel

Available sizes

0.5 ~ 3.2 mm

0.2 mm ~ 2.8 mm

Size range

0.05 mm

0.10 mm


Nickel, copper, or tin.


    Other plating materials are available on request.


conductive balls chip resistor



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